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What is this site about?
This site is a sharing place for high quality, iTunes movies and tv shows artwork. It makes it easy to simply find the artwork you need and download it instantly. For more information, click here

Is this site free?
This site is completely free and will remain so.

What do I use the artwork for?
The artwork can be used for anything you want, but is mainly used for iTunes libraries content because people who convert and rip their own movies and tv shows, or buy their own cd's like to be able to have the same artwork as the iTunes Store.

What else does this site contain?
Nothing. This site is simply for artwork and nothing else.

When does the site get updated?
Artwork is added anytime during the week but the entire site is updated every tuesday.

Who, and how many people run this site?
It is run by a majority of people each doing their own part to keep the site running. There are people for uploading artwork, email support, web design, information reviewers, page updaters and many more.

Is this site affiliated with Apple?
This site is in no way endorsed by or affiliated with Apple, or its licensors.

Where does the artwork on this site come from?
The artwork for movies and tv shows comes from the iTunes Store. This site only has official iTunes artwork. Music artwork comes from the internet and music labels themselves.

How do I download artwork?
Navigate to the artwork you want by either using the 'Search A-Z', or search bar. When you are at the artwork, click the button "Download Now" which will scale the full image. Right-click the image and select "Save Image to 'Downloads'".

When I click "Download Now", it says the artwork is no longer available.
That means that that certain artwork has been deleted from the tinypic database. Go to the contact page and fill out the form to notify us so we can re-upload the artwork.

How do I submit artwork?
Click here and fill out the form to submit artwork you have.

The submit page wont let me submit artwork.
This could be happening for several reasons.
1. Your artwork is over 1 MB, and it must be smaller.
2. You haven't filled out all the required form fields.

Submitting artwork is taking a very long time.
Since the artwork uploads right on that page, once you click "Send" your artwork starts uploading. The more artwork you choose to submit, the longer it will take to send.

How do I get the artwork from the iTunes files?
You can easily save artwork to your computer by following this quick tutorials: Click Here

The artwork I want isn't available on the site.
You can request artwork by using either the Contact page, or the Chat page.

The artwork I submitted isn't available on the site.
This could be happening for several reasons.
1. A lot of artwork has been submitted and yours is at the end of all the files.
2. Your artwork was very bad quality.
3. The artwork you submitted wasn't official iTunes artwork.
4. That specific artwork has been changed to a newer version on the iTunes Store.
5. The artwork is already available on the site.

The information for artwork is incorrect or missing.
If you come across artwork that has incorrect or missing information, please use the contact page to notify us so we can fix it.

I contacted the site, and haven't been emailed back.
This could be happening for several reasons.
1. A lot of people have contacted the site and yours will be read soon.
2. If you have asked a question that is already answered on this page.
3. If your email is verbal assault or abuse, you will not be answered.

The site isn't working properly or showing up properly.
You need to make sure you are running the newest version of your web browser. If you are using the newest version, try downloading and using Safari. Also make sure your font size is at the default and isn't - smaller or + bigger.

Some links take me to a blank page.
That page is still being processed, or artwork is being uploaded to it. Check back in a little while, and the page link should redirect you correctly.

My discussion message does not show up when I click "Go".
Make sure you have entered all required information and try clicking "Go" again. If it still doesn't post, refresh the webpage.

I accidentally submitted multiple messages.
If you accidentally submit multiple messages, our chat page moderators will delete the multiples and leave the original.

How can I tell which messages are the administrators?
Administrator messages are the ones with the name "admin". Anyone who imposes as an administrator; the messages are deleted.

What is Twitter?
It is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets. For more information, visit here.

Why does this site have a Twitter?
For people that have a Twitter, it makes it much easier to keep up to date with our site updates without having to keep checking this site.

How do I follow your Twitter updates?
First, you need an account, which you can sign up for one here. After you sign up, visit here and click "Follow" underneath the profile picture.

What will your Twitter updates consist of?
Every new artwork added (for download or Pre-Download) to the site will be tweeted with a link to take you directly to that artwork on this site. We may also tweet about site updates/improvements or important news.

Artwork was added to the site, that wasn't tweeted about.
It will be eventually. If not, it may be an error or there was a reason it was not.

What is the Monthly Newsletter?

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